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We are others-focused! Everything we do is geared toward connecting with those who are far from God and helping them become followers of Jesus Christ!  The heartbeat of Greater Lighthouse is to see lives changed by the power of God's Spirit. We believe that every person has a God-given purpose inside of them. When God's Spirit moves on us, we move closer to God's Plan for our lives. 

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The vision of Greater Lighthouse is to be a 21st century apostolic church in power, purpose, and identity. We are focused on building relationships with God and those around us while touching people daily with the hope, love and gospel of Jesus Christ. 




We must first Love God. This is the first step towards salvation and our church services are designed to show God’s love. Our church services are geared to reach the lost by showing who Jesus is, LOVE. In advance we craft services that makes the gospel reachable to those who may not yet believe or may not have heard of Jesus.


When Jesus walked on earth he taught in parables so that even children could gather near and understand. That is our goal, to introduce people to an approachable God. We do this through our music, through the way we organize our service, the way we prepare for that service, and the message that is delivered.


A successful church is made up of people continuously making first steps and next steps. Our First Steps program allows people to join the church and get involved in the awesome things happening at Greater Lighthouse. Belonging is an important component of transitioning lost people into found people. Next steps are for those who are in the process of being involved. Ministries sometimes change, needs of the church evolve, and people develop new skills and personality traits that must result in movement. Next steps allows us to never be complacent and always be pushing towards growth in our own walk with God, but also our ability to serve in His kingdom.


We serve others by being a part of the Dream Team. The Dream Team is anyone who is a part of making Greater Lighthouse what it is. Whether it be those holding pop signs, driving a bus, volunteering at Breaking Bread, running cameras, or singing in the mic. Behind the scenes or in the public eye, the church would not function without the Dream Team. The sole purpose of the Dream Team is to serve others first. This is not just a Sunday activity, but something we must strive to do in our daily lives. The Dream Team is not secluded to working during church. It should be the mission of all Dream Teamers to be a part of the “Church in the Wild.” The church is not a building but a body and we are called to go which requires a movement and a shift outside the four walls of the church. 


A key point of making disciples is first building a relationship with someone. As believers we must first be approachable and show love and compassion to all. In all we do we should strive to first share hope and light so that people feel safe with us. It’s an important reminder that we are not called to judge, but to love. After all everyone falls short, so why should we judge because someone else sins differently than we do?


One way we strive to build relationships with people is through small groups. Small groups allow an intonement atmosphere where people can build relationships and draw closer to Jesus. Small groups we have hosted in the past include mens bible study and a book club. We are always looking to be better disciple makers and look forward to growing small groups as our church continues to grow.