Community and Beyond

The Greater Lighthouse family are all sinners saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. What Jesus has imparted to us we want to turn around and share it with the world we come in contact with everyday. We do this through Global, North American, and Community involved outreach efforts with time, talent, and treasure from missionary partners to local support to prison ministry to bus ministry along with a number of other efforts in touching people with the hope, love, and gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bus Ministry

Bus Ministry is one of the foundational ministries that makes us who we are. Whenever you see that big yellow bus driving through the streets on Sunday, you know it's GLPC. Bus ministry is more than just a ride to church though, it's a way for communities to come together to have fun and worship God together, not just riding together on Sunday mornings, but also participating in block parties across Hopkins County. 

Prison Minsitry

God never looked at a person's mistakes and said there's no hope or love for you. No, the Bible teaches us that "God is love." We are all human, and so we are all sinners saved by His grace and love. That is the message we take into our prison ministries, that God loves you no matter what, and you can never be too far from God to turn your life around and follow His plan. 

Breaking Bread

On the third Saturday of every month members from our church go to Breaking Bread, where the community comes together and provides a hot meal and groceries for all who need it that day. This is just one way we strive to be givers, serving our community with the hope, love, and gospel of Jesus Christ.